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Sunny Robot



Face to face conversation
Telepresence mode
Connection of operators from support services
Interact with any physical objects remotely


Digital electronics

By Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, LoRa, IR, USB

Computers and phones

By HDMI, VGA, USB, LAN, Mouse, Keyboard

Appliances and equipment
Smart home devices

Data analysis

Personal data of the owners

Safe wallet for your important data

Medical follow-up history
Personal calendar, to-do list, shopping list
Notes, messages


Multimedia center
Educational programs
Games and entertainment
Internet surfing
News and events
Video/VR communication

Desktop gadget and a fully functional Robot

Sunny is an independent device for personal and shared use. He is a Robot with artificial intelligence as well as the ability to connect to operators from all walks of life. The robot can connect to and control any digital device. Sunny is a bridge between a person and a technology, while the person can be both near and far.

The main function of Sunny in an ability to connect to qualified operators who are ready to help to it upon request. All you need to do is to select a task, and the Robot will complete it using its own artificial intelligence. Alternatively, Sunny can call a human operator for help.

In autonomous mode, the Robot can perform more useful functions using computer vision, various sensors, and cloud computing. Its artificial intelligence surpasses most AI’s of existing smart assistants. Unique modular design allows the Robot to be configured for home, business, or any other special usage.

Robot’s mission

We connect people needing help with people who have the skills to assist at any given moment.

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to help
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Average time
to complete a task
Operator currency
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A present for every new Sunny

*HelpCredit. Our internal currency. Equivalent to one service provided by the operator

Infinite possibilities

Sunny Robot has practically infinite possibilities and an ability to self-educate. Any task in your home or office can be completed by Sunny with the help of its companions.

You buy time a specialist spends with you. We keep a small commission to ensure the platform is running smoothly. This way our customers and operators find each other and there is a secure communication channel between them.


For you

For home

For business

For engineers

The Device


3 cameras with computer vision. 360-degree view with AI. Flashlight, Night vision. 12'' touchscreen. Gesture and faces recognition.


3 Axis rotation. Frontal laser pointer. Ability to move (with chassis module). Gesture control. Able to feel human touch.


Wireless: WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.1 (Optional 4G, Z-Wave, ZigBee, LoRa). Wired: USB-in, USB-out, HDMI-in, LAN, Type-C, Jack 3.5, Mic,
Options: DVI-in, VGA-in, RGB-component-in, RS232, GPIO


Android platform, NPU (Neuro brain), Advanced performance in the cloud, Autonomous mode up to 7.5 hours.

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