Social Media Ads

Building a accessible network for your brand and business on all social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more with consistent quality content
  • High Exposure
  • Cost-Effective
Facebook 74%
Twitter 36%
Instagram 55%
Snapchat 20%

Social Media Usage

Focusing on the Facebook and Instagram platform, social media can provide exposure and engagement for users to become interested in the businesses. With the increasing usage of social media, social marketing can reach various type of user and audience based on the needs of the business.

Results of Social Marketing

As one of the largest sources for information on Internet, social media is the most used app on all devices.Social media marketing will drive more trafficking and build the business/brand reputation for our clients with the help of such content evaluation and optimization.

Ad Format

Social marketing also is followed by several different formats. Depending on the goals of your business, there are different formats our experts highly recommend.


Fred Fung
Fred Fung
Very organized and very professional. definitely willing to work with them for long term.
James Jiang
James Jiang
General Manager