UX Course Subjectives

Success in today’s software marketplace requires an excellent user experience. That’s why Apple is now the most valuable company ever seen on the face of the planet. And that’s why all developers, architects, and managers today need to understand the basic principles of UX, even if it’s not their primary job.
  • Fully Optimized For User Experience
  • Improve Conversion Rate
  • Attain Client Info

Design Is Important

As an visitor to any website, will you be willing to browse through an complex and disorganized website? will this experience affect your impression on the business? Landing pages and website is an important factor to conversion as many users are instantly evaluated your website at first visit.

Course Highlights

UX & Design Thinking

Describe UX design and the design thinking process
Apply the first stage of the design thinking process to a given problem

User Research

Explain user-centered design and user research
Compare methods for conducting effective user research

User Personas

Create effective user personas and user stories based on user goals and needs

Information Architecture

Analyze how users navigate sites and processes and how information is structured

Wireframing & Prototyping

Create effective prototypes and wireframes that support user goals

Usability Testing

Utilize best practices in usability testing to create a test plan

Presenting Your Work

Present your design process and solution to stakeholders in a clear, engaging manner

What's Next?

Draft a personal design profile to map out a path for continuing design education

What You Will Get From This Course?

Students in Design Thinking: UX/UI will be able to:
1) Effectively co-create within interdisciplinary teams
2) Properly select and utilize design thinking processes and UX/UI tools,
3) Test assumptions and prototype potential design solutions
4) Ask for, give, and receive directive feedback,
5) Effectively communicate and persuasively present ideas to an interdisciplinary audience.



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