YouTube Ads

As one of the largest sources for information on the Internet, YouTube Ads provide an interactive channel for digital marketing across the globe
  • Focused User Targeting
  • High Average Time Spent By User
  • Attention Grabbing

Advantages of YouTube Ads

With over 1.3 billion users on YouTube, which is nearly one third of the users on internet. There are over 5 billion videos being played each day, YouTube also reported that each session is averaged above 40 minutes each. YouTube as a marketing channel can assist business in finding potential clients within the 1.3 billion users through targeting using demographics, topics, category, keywords and more to maximize the value of the marketing expenses

YouTube Ads Format

One of the advantages of YouTube Ads is the advertising options provided for businesses. As a video platform, it provides business with more than interactive media advertising format such as TrueViews (can be skipped ads) or Bumper (cannot be skipped ads) format, display ads, sponsor ads and more


Client Review

Fred Fung
Fred Fung
Very organized and very professional. definitely willing to work with them for long term.
James Jiang
James Jiang
General Manager