The robots have learned to unite!

Attention! The robots have learned to unite! Don’t be scared. It’s not a mass rebellion of the machines. We just created a shared cloud infrastructure for our robots. There they will be able to exchange data for learning to become even smarter. And that’s the news we’d like to start with to kick off today’s update.

Few more achievements

  • we’ve developed a memory system for the robot. Now it will be able to make decisions consciously before taking actions;
  • tests have been conducted on its object recognition and decision-making neural networks;
  • members of our remarkable team gave an interview, which we published on our website;
  • an entertainment cartoon is planning for launch in which our character Sunny demonstrates his abilities in everyday situations;
  • we’ve developed an identity and company style. Very soon our followers will receive trendy merch in the style of Sunny the Robot;
  • our engineers are already working on preparing parts for batch production. Currently, we are looking for a partner for the mass production of the robots.

Follow Sunny Robot

Those were some of the biggest news but far from all the news that we would’ve liked to have been able to tell you. Find out more from our social network accounts. Plus, Sunny now has his own Twitter account:
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