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We are working on a robot that will improve one's life and make it easier

Sunny Solutions – is a team of progress-motivated people who believe in accessible and mutually beneficial global knowledge. We are building a robot that will do just that – help millions of people around the globe.

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Sunny Solutions Co

The Sunny Solutions project is a strategic initiative that aims to speed up,enhance and simplify people’s communication and create modern digital technology. Our flagship is Robot Head Sunny and global software ecosystem for it. The target is in consumer electronics segment for business and personal use.

Sunny Solutions was created as a technology startup. We sprouted from a larger company where the conceptual idea was devised. 

Our headquarters is located in Silicon Valley, Sunnyvale, CA. Some of the teammates work remotely, in some cases even from other countries. We are actively developing and achieving new results every week. An increasing number of contributors and sponsors are joining us.


Head Office






For decades, people have dreamed about functional a robot assistant. We are inspired to make it into reality today.


We managed to create a fully working concept of the solution. While we are developing and testing this concept, it is evolving into something much bigger than a simple assistant 


The main goal today is to clearly convey to people how can use Sunny this in their daily life and benefit from it.

In search of partnership

Sunny Solutions is developing as a startup. The initial stage (pre-seed) was supported by the funds of the founders and amounted to approximately $ 70,000 in 2020. We also raised some of the money as part of our pilot testing from the first clients. Lastly, the project is moving forward due to our volunteers’ and patrons’ work who share our spirit and follow the mission. 

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Starting point

Sunny project is based on the work model used by outsourcing companies. It is functioning made possible due to technology designed to provide a small group of highly trained engineers with proper connection to the installation of industrial equipment thousands of miles away. 

As we were developing the idea, we realized that a complex engineering device we had been working for several years, would be convenient not only for select specific groups of professionals. We understood: the idea had much broader application that we thought initially. 

We began 2019 by rethinking our idea’s foundations and testing different approaches to new applications of the device. Soon we had a device: it looked like a model of a robot. Having smoothed the corners a little, we really got what was soon called the Sunny robot. 

Every day we are getting closer to making Sunny become a more meaningful helper for a human. Just look at what he writes on his blog

Sunny Solutions is legally operated by its parent company, Aiwess Corp, Cupertino, CA. We are interested in becoming healthy commercial relationships with our partners and clients.

Aiwess Corp
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