Sunny Robot made a pivot

The year 2023 has been a very eventful and changing year for Sunny Solutions. However, after participating in two well-respected exhibitions and receiving valuable feedback from early adopters (The robot alpha testers), we have decided to expand its capabilities. We have discovered that our users not only want a reliable repairman, but they also desire a multi-functional robot that can assist with various tasks for the entire family. This market has already been established, has its first players and is growing rapidly. In North America $57.3B (YOY) 17.4%

Therefore, we made a pivot and our current focus is on the following:

These transformations have become milestones for our project. They are changing our development strategy and giving us the opportunity to take a completely new view of Robot Sunny. There will be several other global events for our company in the near future. We will share them in the next news.

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