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A companion is a person who helps you. Sunny’s power is in the skills of his band of companions .

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Infinite possibilities

Sunny Robot has practically infinite possibilities and an ability to self-educate. Any task in your home or office can be completed by Sunny with the help of its companions.

You buy time a specialist spends with you. We keep a small commission to ensure the platform is running smoothly. This way our customers and operators find each other and there is a secure communication channel between them.

How Sunny Band Works?

Sunny Help

Operator motivation

The main motive of the operator is to help people in those tasks in which the operator has competence, and receives excellent pay for this.

For an operator, the Sunny Band platform can become a side job or even a full-time job. One specialist can help the maximum number of people from home or another place convenient for him.

Sunny Band is an opportunity for a professional to build a working day for himself. Work as much as you want, do what you love, someone needs it right now!

The Sunny Band operator platform is a cozy community where people help other people, share their own experiences with other members, and have a great time between work sessions. The more people trust a robot to work, the more work Sunny Band’s companions have

Every day you solve some tasks and do some things. Often you think that someone else could do it for you, or even better than you. Start robotizing your daily activities and tasks that require special knowledge – through the Sunny robot!

Each user has the opportunity to get help from a professional at a time when this help is most needed. No matter how complex or simple the task is before you, you can ask Sunny to connect a specialist who is able to solve it for you at the same time.

As a result of such interaction: you solve the problem quickly, cheaply, and efficiently. Now you will spend less time completing tasks or solving urgent problems. At Sunny Band, you will always be helped and given useful advice.

Customer success

Companions Expertise

Plumbing and Home appliances expert

Auto Expert

Computer Expert , IT

Electrician and electric appliances expert

Do what you truly love because somebody really needs it!

Everyone can become a "Companion"

It is really easy to become a companion. If you know how to use the Internet and got thus far to this page, it means you have enough skills to control the robot.

Join Sunny Band

Challenge yourself as a companion. Control robots, help people and earn money. I could be the best job in the world for you.

Sunny Band Community

Learning to control Sunny Robot is easy, anyone ca do it. The real power is in the community!

The Sunny Band is a group of people around the world who are willing to help others.

Sunny Band is a community of people where they can communicate, exchange experiences and have fun in between connection sessions.

Specialized training programs

Allow to improve skills in order to earn more. Livehacks section will teach you unique subtleties of robot control

Multi-room chats

Advanced professional social network lets companions communicate in public and private conversations

Entertainment and games

There are quizzes, draws, collective events with gifts and prizes for the operators in the spirit of competition. You will not be bored!

Multimedia content

Companions can watch movies, TV Shows, series and educational podcasts right on the platform in between sessions. For free!

HC* HelpCredits

We established empirically that the average time for a task’s execution is about 6.5 minutes. During this period, the majority of small tasks are solved. This led us to the introduction of “one issue solved” concept. We called it a Help Credit (HC)

1 HP = 1 solved task = 6.5 labor minute = ~$3

Customers can buy HC’s as they run out of them. Credits are stored in the robot’s account and are transferable to any other user of Sunny.

Companions receive rewards for their work that is calculated automatically, depending on the complexity of the task, the companion’s competence, and working time. Companions can withdraw HelpCredits in their country’s currency or cryptocurrency.

Safe and private

The data Sunny’s associates have access to may contain personal data, have commercial value, or be otherwise sensitive. We put our best efforts to protect such data so that it does not fall into the wrong hands. 

We employ high-level military-grade encryption while sensitive data is transmitted. Plus, operators are not able to view it. Only copy/paste functions are available for them. 

Our security service cannot gain access to the recorded sessions without your confirmation. We define this data as personal and always ensure that it is encrypted on the end device. Rest assured it is safe with us. 

Featured AI

Human teaches - Robot repeats

Functionality of the Robot depends on people. People control the robot constantly, teach it simple and complex actions.

Today, over 90% of tasks that a robot can solve are being performed by people. Over time, trained artificial intelligence will replace human involvement and will move into an automatic mode of operation. Sunny learns every time an operator does a job. 

Every time a problem is solved successfully, Sunny forms an action protocol. This protocol forms a new robot skill after Machine Learning processes it. After the operators perform a task in the same way hundreds of times, the robot learns this and is able to repeat the experience in AI mode without human intervention. Such automated skills will gradually replace human labor on similar tasks saving time and money to give Sunny more autonomy. 

Best of all, if one Sunny acquires a skill, all robots around the globe would automatically learn it since they are connected through our Sunny AI operated network.

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