Sunny needs your support

The founding team has been working on the robot for several years. We test, make adjustments and test again. This process requires a lot of effort and money. The financial possibilities of our group of people are limited, and sometimes it is difficult for us to decide on some costs. We ask you to help us so that we have more opportunities to move forward.

Your support will be directed solely to the development of the Sunny project

You and I live in an age of technological revolution. Sunny Robot is a lifestyle that will soon appear on the doorstep of your life. It is in your possible to contribute to the development and speeds up the day when The Robot becomes your real assistant. I ask for your support so that we can accelerate our invention.

Andrew Mishurenkov
Andrew Mishurenkov
CEO of Sunny Solutions

We do for people
We do together with people

We will add you to the honor roll. If you leave the address, we will send you a commemorative sticker of the hero who supported the Sunny project

We will add a unique feature to the Robot, which will be activated if it is in the zone of your address.

We will add your name to the list of authors. If ask “Sunny, who made you?” he will answer your name among all contributors.

Investment round is open

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