I am here to tell my story. My main goal is to show you about my existence, my useful possibilities for your life.
Sunny | Robot
We invite you to meet Sunny Robot in Las Vegas on January 9-12, Venetian Expo, Hall G - 60842 - Eureka Park.
Andrew Mishurenkov
January 4, 2024
We have decided to expand Sunny's capabilities. We have discovered that our users not only want a reliable repairman, but they also desire a multi-functional robot that can assist with various tasks for the entire family and become the center of consumers' day-to-day live in the coming future.
Andrew Mishurenkov
January 4, 2024
On April 11-12, 2023, members of our team Andrew Mishurenkov and Karen Safavi attended the conf Startup Grind Global 2023 in Redwood City, California.
Andrew Mishurenkov
May 2, 2023
Great News! Sunny Robot is going to the exhibition Startup Grind in Redwood City on April 10-12st, 2023.
Anna Pavluchkova
April 7, 2023
Our team gives a lot of hard work and time to bring our robot into every home. And now we are getting closer and closer to that moment. We are ready to start production of the Sunny Robot.
Andrew Mishurenkov
January 30, 2023
The year 2022 is coming to its end. It’s time to sum up and review the work we’ve done, and also to look ahead and set goals for 2023! We’ve been sticking to our prescheduled...
Andrew Mishurenkov
December 27, 2022
Every day the Sunny team works to make sure that Sunny is introduced to the world, and the world gets to know Sunny. We are preparing a platform for Sunny Band companions to connect and control Sunny in avatar mode. We are writing articles for cutting-edge innovation magazines and added some new interesting videos to Sunny profile on TikTok.
Anna Pavluchkova
December 6, 2022
We have created a Sunny profile on TikTok. Started choosing the best robot production partners.
Andrew Mishurenkov
November 22, 2022
Sunny Solutions is preparing for its next big step! We have operated as a private startup for over two years now and  the time has come to gear for a momentous leap forward. We are...
Anna Solovieva
October 28, 2022
And just like that, the pilot testing of the robots has lifted off! We are now actively looking for people willing to become experimenters on Sunny the Robot’s features! The first people that respond to...
Anna Solovieva
September 9, 2022

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And just like that, the pilot testing of the robots has lifted off! We are now actively looking for people willing to become experimenters on

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