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We continue to work hard and are getting closer to the launch of our Sunny Robot shuttle! Creating a high-tech device is like launching the shuttle into orbit. We have our own Mission Control Center, the Sunny family. Our team now has the specialists who will be able to maintain Sunny after the launch. We call them Sunny Band companions. We are preparing a platform for them to connect and control Sunny in avatar mode. Companions are field-specific experts who help Sunny with the tasks he can’t handle on his own.

How things are going in the other departments of our MCC:

  • Check out Sunny’s profile on TikTok; we’ve added some new interesting videos
  • The whole world should meet Sunny! And to make this happen, we have changed and are now implementing a new marketing strategy
  • We are writing articles for cutting-edge innovation magazines
  • We have launched a quiz within our cusdev campaign
  • We have improved our unit economics
  • We have calculated PNL on Sunny Band, and defined the economic concept of this direction. The subscription for the unlimited expert help from Sunny Band will cost as little as $49.99 per month
  • Sunny is a great companion for elderly people. That’s why we received several LOIs from retirement homes in Canada
  • We believe there is no limit to perfection, so we have made the Sunny’s hull design even more attractive
  • Our engineers are working in full swing, too. They have launched and are now testing the microcontroller module, advanced in the development of ExecutionCore, and are designing a synthesizer, a broker, and a chatbot.
  • Our programmers continue to test and fine-tune Sunny’s software.

We are expanding Sunny’s functionality and starting work on the modeling and design of additional modules. Every day the Sunny team works to make sure that Sunny is introduced to the world, and the world gets to know Sunny. Don’t stand aside! We will appreciate it if you wish to give us a piece of advice and share your experience.  

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Anna Solovieva

Remote control with Sunny

Remote control with the Sunny robot is a convenient way to always be in touch. The mobile application allows you to quickly establish contact with the robot


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