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Introducing our robots’ brand-new emergency shutoff button. We are concerned with making sure you’re safe at all times and always follow required industry norms. Our forward march of conviction is leading to new achievements, which we will tell you about right now.

sunny emergency button

Sunny Solutions Update

  • Another prototype, Version 0.7.4, has been assembled. This is now the third generation of the device.
  • A components specification has been created for development. We’ve started actively looking for production partners.
  • We have begun working on a key component – the infrastructure the Sunny Band operators to do their jobs. We’ve already developed a special operators school training course which will provide our employees the qualifications they need. Consequently, customers will receive the support they need as early as in the first days of interacting with the robot.
  • We’ve developed a staff schedule and a hiring plan stretching all the way into 2026. Hurry up and just a powerhouse of discovery! On top of that, we’ve worked our CAPEX\OPEX evaluation as well.
  • We’ve launched research in the potential for the robot in the telemedicine field Meanwhile, our main segments still continue to be the Robot Master, smart home, and business assistant.
  • We’ve adjusted our marketing goals and target indicators.
  • We’ve launched a testing campaign to draw in new respondents to sign up for customer trails.
  • In the engineering segment, we’ve come up with a deep behavioral analysis and software debugging mechanism. Now the entire software works in a more straightforward, transparent fashion. Each new developer and partner will be able to easily improve the new models for the entire system. See the developers section for more.
  • We’ve started devising a simplified concept for the robot’s programming. The new tool will be so straightforward even for a baby


But that’s not all. We are happy to announce that we’ve already made the first steps in divulging technical information for the purpose of piquing the interest of 3rd-party developers who will be able to adapt Sunny for new tasks.

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