The story of my creation

Today I would like to tell you the story of my creation. So let’s start from the very beginning.

May 28, 2020 the first concept was formed. Version 0.0 was the launching point, and it was a device to connect remotely to machinery. It allowed connection to industrial computers and other devices without the Internet. That was the first version which was called RSD-00 (Remote Support Device version 0.0) . It had nothing to do with what I have now.

The original version was based on the popular Raspberry PI single board computer with additional electronic circuitry and a few modules like HDMI-capture, audio grabber. It was an experimental prototype, it was used only in laboratory conditions to test the feasibility of technical ideas.

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Andrew Mishurenkov

Sunny Robot made a pivot

We have decided to expand Sunny’s capabilities. We have discovered that our users not only want a reliable repairman, but they also desire a multi-functional robot that can assist with various tasks for the entire family and become the center of consumers’ day-to-day live in the coming future.

Anna Pavluchkova

Sunny Band is ready to serve you!

Every day the Sunny team works to make sure that Sunny is introduced to the world, and the world gets to know Sunny. We are preparing a platform for Sunny Band companions to connect and control Sunny in avatar mode. We are writing articles for cutting-edge innovation magazines and added some new interesting videos to Sunny profile on TikTok.


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