Sunny Robot

Robotic Remote Access Device
The gadget that can solve thousands of tasks

Price for a robot

Functional abilities

Human interaction as is

Autonomous presence

Connection to all multimedia interfaces

Storing user information

Multimedia functions (video, music, web-surfing)

Concierge service

Electronics setup and configuration

Calls, teleconferences, group calls

Environment monitoring 24/7

Tactile touch interface

How it looks

Waiting mode
In standby mode, the robot performs AI analytical functions. He can supervise children, elderly people, pets, or indoor security. Sunny is always ready to join in the conversation if someone turns to him.
On the home screen, there are 4 hot spots (edges) for calling the main functions - Companions, Communication, Programs and Settings
Assistance mode is designed to solve any user tasks or wishes. Some cases can be solved automatically, for more difficult tasks, Sunny will suggest connecting a special person.
The search for a companion is carried out in a semi-automatic mode. The Robot will suggest the best people from Sunny Band for the task solving. The Customer can clarify the choice to a specific specialist. There is a list of proven skills and a rating for each assistant.
Connected mode
The mode of dialogue with a companion looks like in personal touch. During the call, the operator can control the Robot. With your permit, he can connect to any devices that surround you (phone, laptop, TV, air conditioner, etc). If the device is physically broken, the operator can show with a laser pointer at the button or at the wire to connect. The client becomes hands that complement the functionality of a remote assistant.
State & Preferences
The full settings panel is responsible for all security and analytics functions. When the Robot is assembled with additional components, a single settings panel controls everything. You can easily invite another operator or connect to the robot directly through the app or website.
Android Launcher
Sunny is built on the operating system from Google. It allows you to install most of the existing apps from the Play Store. Very soon, popular apps will have access to rotate, illuminate, touch, feel functions, and other components. You can exceed your user experience in existing programs.

Sunny can remotely control and perform

Digital electronics

By Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, LoRa, IR, USB


By HDMI, VGA, USB, LAN, Mouse, Keyboard

Peripheral devices
Smartphones and tablets

By Wired, Wireless, IR, IoT, etc

Smart home devices
CCTV systems
Climatic equipment
Personal data of the owners

Safe wallet for your important data

Medical follow-up history
Personal calendar, to-do list, shopping list
Notes, messages
Multimedia center
Educational programs
Games and entertainment
Internet surfing
News and events
Video/VR communication

Direct interaction

Visual contact

Sunny displays useful information or his own face on the screen. You can communicate with him verbally and get information visually. When Sunny wants to tell you something, he will turn in the right direction and indicate to it.


The robot hears you and can communicate with you with a live operator’s voice or synthesized speech. The synthesized speech is pronounced for you in a single form and in a convenient language. You can communicate with an operator who speaks a different language, your speech and the speech of the operator

Gesture control

The autonomous gesture recognition system can be trained for your personal gestures. Sunny can understand you without words. It can also allow you to build communication with a deaf-mute user.


Sunny recognizes your touches. He loves to be stroked and feels you near. Stroking, patting, and other touches to surfaces of the robot – can change the behavior of the robot, as well as be used for different control and entertainment.

Interaction with digital electronic

Wi-Fi and wireless networs

Sunny can connect to any digital device that is on the home/office/industrial network. Setup equipment, printers, TVs, and other equipment, as if a technical engineer is near you.

IoT and Smart Gadgets

Obsolete appliances that were previously controlled by remote control (air conditioner, fan, TV, music) can now be controlled by a Robot. He can replace absolutely any remote control and unite all the equipment into a common convenient system. Sunny is a home automation hub.

Smartphones and computers

The robot has USB and Video interfaces for input and output. It can be connected to any computer or smartphone. The operator gets full access to the connected device as if sitting directly in front of this computer. Can tweak everything from BIOS to phone programs

App control

Always online

Sunny is connected to a secure cloud. Through the cloud connection, you can always connect to the robot and control it. You just need to have an Internet connection

Connection apps or WEB

You are not limited to only physical controls. You can connect to the robot from anywhere. Download control applications to your smartphone or computer, or connect via WEB.

*Not avaliable yet

Operator control

Suny Band Mode

Virtual presence

The operator can see the environment that is happening around the robot. To do this, he uses multiple cameras and turns. The operator can display himself, a photo, or a video on the screen of the robot to show something for advice. For physical interaction, the operator can point to objects and ask to do something with them.

Remote digital devices

Some equipment is controlled wirelessly. The operator can connect to it directly, sometimes you need to name the password for protected devices.
Direct wire connection can be made. To do this, the operator will highlight the required connector on the robot body and tell you which wire to connect to where. Sunny can connect to USB (like a keyboard, mouse, flash drive, disk and other devices), to HDMI \ DVI \ VGA input and output, to various sensors (analog and digital) directly or through its own adapters.

Collected information

The robot accumulates information about where it is, with whom it lives and how its environment functions. You can entrust the robot with maintaining your own calendar, shopping list, and more. The operator’s concierge service will help you with business, for example, buy vacation tickets and mark the departure date on the calendar, and the robot will remind you of this offline.

Autonomus mode (AI)

The robot can work offline. In this mode, it performs functions based on artificial intelligence and embedded algorithms.
The robot is built on the basis of Android OS and supports most applications from the Google Play market

The Device

Camera Front

IR Remote

Laser pointer


Night Vision sensor


Dolby Stereo Sound

360 Degree Rotation

Type-C  Extension port

Surround AI Vision

Screen Rotation 180 deg

Vertical rotation 128 deg

USB-A-in, USB-A-out, Type-C, HDMI-in, LAN, Audio-in, Audio-out

Emergency Power Control


Android 10
Amlogic A311D 2.2GHz Quad core ARM Cortex-A73
4Gb DDR4
32Gb EMMC, 256Gb NAND Flash, 64Gb TF
10/100 / 1000M (WoL)
2 Channels Receiver and Transmitter
12'' Touch Screen, 1920x1080, OLED
Front camera
12 MP, 120° x 90°, Night Mode, Flashlight
Back Camera
2X 1.3 MP, 160° x 120°
Rotary Mechanism
3 axis, 360°, 145°, 180°
Laser pointer
5mW, 650nm (red)
6 mic, surrounded mode + leveling
2X 3W
7400 mAh
Wired Connectivity
USB 3.0, USB-out 2.0, USB-C, HDMI-in, HDMI-out 1.4, LAN
Sunny Head v0.7 alpha
Product Dimensions
(W)14.4 x (H)14.1 x (L)9.1 inches
36.5cm x 35.8cm x 23cm
7.5 pound
3.4 kg
White, Orange
Water Resistance
QC 3.0
MAX Power
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year
Sunny Solutions Co
Country of Origin
United States of America
Date First Available

* Specification may vary in different pilot models

Software Arcitecture

Sunny’s software architecture is based on a modified Android operating system. We have used best practices to make the device functional, flexible and safe.

Android application development companies can adapt their applications to use the functionality of a robotic device, Sunny stored data, cloud infrastructure, and Sunny Band platform.

Very soon, we will open access to the API of the robot functions. To start developing today, join a team of volunteers to work on the device.

Cloud Infrastructure

Some of the analytical functions are performed on a secure cloud infrastructure. Personal data has a special status and is encrypted at several levels, transmission, storage and processing. The power of cloud computing allows you to increase the productivity and functionality of the robot without restrictions

Artificial intelligence

The robot has a high-performance computing module with a built-in neuroprocessor. In autonomous mode, he is able to make independent decisions of behavior, actions and reactions to events

Operator workspace

Operators have a dedicated control interface
with extended functionality. All operators work through special remote desktops. All operator actions are recorded and analyzed by background security services. Each operator is trained for admission to control. Copying user data is prohibited and protected by technical means

Early access to the developer platform

Today our documentation still needs to be improved. We will be happy to provide test samples of robots and access to source codes for developers. Join our community of developers as a volunteer and we will make the most useful help device for the community together!

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