Mission And Values

A technological project for the development of an ecosystem of mutual assistance using modern information technology and smart gadgets

We help people in difficult situations for which they were not ready


Our common goal

Make people closer

We strive to ensure that all people are equally able to gain access to the knowledge and skills of other people at the time, in the amount that they need. We see the main task in building a new kind of relationship, where people can be close, despite the fact that they are in different places on the planet.

We make available to a wide mass of people what they always needed, but were previously unavailable, or cost too much.

> 1000000000

Do not have access to modern services due to illiteracy

~ 1 %

Customers overpay for simple services, although these could be remote

0 %

People use in modern technology, not knowing about the full functionality


Can shift some of the work to robots and reduce their costs


Have lost their job or are unable to find a job due to physical or ethnic restrictions, but are able to work remotely

Up to 1 %
Routine tasks

With which a robot can handle and free up this time for a person

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Our Values

Social relevance

People have been striving for a long time to find a convenient assistant for themselves.

We create what is truly capable of increasing the quality of life for people.


The age of technological progress has changed many of the known order of things. These changes are not over. Sunny strives to become a new idea that will shift the focus of human relationships and once again change the way people live.


We create a trusting relationship between users and companies, so that you can entrust the solution of any issue to a professional.


Encrypted communication channels and recording of interactions are aimed at ensuring the highest level of quality and security.


We sincerely believe that in every place where a person is, there is a Sunny and helps this person. We launch a people’s project


We intend to be open and create a new bridge for services and services to become part of the ecosystem. We invite developers to adapt their solutions through an innovative platform

Support and work

Millions of people who are capable of coping well with tasks and difficulties do not do it due to constraints. Sunny will allow you to give new jobs at a time and to the extent that it is convenient.

We create together

We want to create what people need, and understanding this need lies at the heart and creates a solid foundation for creativity. We create Sunny together with users

We do for people
We do together with people

Working as a companion for pleasure

Robot operators work remotely, regardless of location, social status, physical ability, religion, sexual orientation, race, political views

Let's be together!

We are trying to solve a very big problem in order to achieve success in our project. We are in the process of solving hundreds of problems, working on thousands of little things and spending tens of thousands of hours on it. Today it is very difficult for us to develop such a large project in the modern world. We want to find like-minded people who share our idea and will, like us, be obsessed with the desire to bring this idea to life!

If you are an active, energetic person who can just spend 1 or a few hours or days, then this help can be very useful. With your ideas and with your hands, we can quickly approach the happy days when the ambitions of the project will come true. We sincerely appreciate the contribution of each of the people who help us with ideas, work, service or financial support. We promise that the contribution of each person will not be left without a trace! Thanks for your creativity!

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