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For example

I drive a truck and I get bored while I’m on the road. I would like a robot like that as a co-pilot. I’ll take him on the road and test out his cognitive and speech abilities.

David McHenry

Truck Driver

Or reach out to us via email at

Testing Terms and Conditions

In order to take part in the Sunny the Robot pilot testing program, an application form must be filled out and submitted. Applications are selected at random and we don’t guarantee that you will be among the test participants. Our manager may also contact you and ask you some additional questions.
Participation in the pilot program is conducted on a non-commercial basis. You do not pay the cost of the device, but you will be required to return the device, taking into account normal wear. The device uses electric power according to its specification and additionally requires Internet access. We ask that you ensure access to those resources in advance. Compensation for electricity consumption and Internet access is not provided.
The robot may have hardware or software defects. Our intent is to discover and fix such defects. We ask for your patience in the event that this causes you discomfort. During the testing process, we may send you a new robot or ask you to complete an array of actions for updates or modifications.
The robot or cloud platform may accumulate certain sensitive information. We guarantee anonymity and security in our handling of such data in the testing process. Based on your request, we are willing to eliminate all of the information accumulated from the device that you have at your disposal.
The testing process presumes performance of specific actions on the user’s part. The testing program manager will maintain communication with you via the robot or email. He will propose various scenarios for using the robot and ask your opinion upon their conclusion.
A pilot testing program participant may at any moment terminate his or her participation in it and return the robot. The pilot testing organization may also unilaterally terminate your participation in the testing program. Participation is voluntary and we hope for social support.


We do not guarantee that you will be among the participants of the testing program.

Sunny Band Testing

If you are able to use the Internet and opened up this web page, your skills are sufficient to learn how to control the robot

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