The IT Multi-Tool: the Personal Robot Capable of Solving Thousands of Tasks
One Single Solution:
Thousands of Tasks

We’ve heard a number of stories about how Sunny the Robot is helping people in a variety of different situations. Now that Sunny’s on the scene, conventional actions tasks can be solved quicker and in a better-quality fashion. Find out about the Robot’s features in the new comic format.

Personal Use

Use the robot as your personal helper. It can help find solutions for the majority of tasks.

Family Use

A multimedia center and smart home embedded in Sunny the Robot, a faithful servant in the home.

Business Use

A personal secretary and assistant. A productive worker that you don't have to pay a salary.

Professional Use

A remote work tool. Extraordinary flexibility and functionality, regardless of your location.

The robot will connect an expert handyman to help you fix it yourself.
Reduced downtime
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The cost of repair is less
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Extending the life of electronics
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More Opportunities

Tell us which new Sunny the Robot function could come in handy the most to you. We will send you one of the first robots for you to test it.

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