The buddy Robot for seniors


narrowed social circle, forced isolation from a large family and society, melancholy


huge amount of free time, apathy, boredom

Unclaimed professionalism

non-demanded vast experience, non-applicable skills and abilities

More attention to health

taking medicines on time, preventive and curative procedures, dieting



Engaging in activities

Sunny will initiate simple and interesting mini-tasks: in accordance with your life and professional experiences, talents and interests, Sunny will ask you to write short essays on the given topics.

You can discuss interesting ideas for a family holiday with Sunny. In some cases, you can use it to be virtually present at these events in telepresence mode.

Creating a new social circle: social media groups and other virtual communities.

Expanding the TV's capabilities to a new level of communication with the world: you can become a participant in an interactive event.

Even tidying up the shelves can be turned into an exciting game.

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Emotional comfort


guarantee of safety, persistent reminders about taking prescribed medications, monitoring the
diet, assistance in carrying out wellness and therapeutic procedures, monitoring compliance with sleep regimes, fitness classes

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Meds dispenser

healthcare robot

Use Sunny robot with an additional Meds Dispenser module. The robot will remind you to take medications, and the dispenser will give you the necessary pills in a programmed time of intake. Trust the robot to keep track of the time of taking medicines

Solving everyday problems

Together with the robot, you get unlimited expert help from Suny Bend:

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Groceries and goods delivery

20210125_121640 2

Making purchases with the help of a shopper specialist

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Calling service personnel (repairmen, technicians, plumbers, handymen, cleaners, etc.)

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Video consultations on request on any household issues

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Always in touch

Buying Sunny you are helping your kids

do not distract them during the day on small things

the appliances and electronics of your home will become completely under control

always stay in touch with them and they do not worry

less concern for your children about your health

you become more independent

Do not stay

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