Now you're a profi of your craft

The smart robot will help you!
Broken electronics. A technician is urgently needed

Broken electronics are an absolute nightmare – they are difficult to fix and require an experienced technician with urgent attention to get them up and running.

You need a good professional handyman

Finding a reliable and trustworthy professional can be difficult, and often the quality of the work can be unsatisfactory. Furthermore, some may be unreliable or charge exorbitant fees for their services.

It's cheaper to buy a new device than to repair it

Despite the cost savings, buying a new device instead of repairing an old one can be an expensive and wasteful choice. It can also be a hassle to have to transfer data from an old device to a new one.

I will do everything myself
I will assist and you will do
Do it together with an expert
No need to look for a technician
Confidence in the result
No need to pay
Gaining useful skills
Repairs without delay
Proud of yourself
Automatic detection and compatibility with 90% of devices

With the neural network, the robot recognizes the surrounding electronics and downloads control codes

Compatible with all wireless technologies
All wired connections
Software configuration and device upgrades

Automatically updates device firmware and informs about new features

Works with non-electronic devices

When doing adjustments or repairs, indicates the laser pointer and provides guidance to simplify the process

Repair assistance in augmented reality mode
Demonstration of interactive guidance
Help from the experts on request

Sunny Band experts are ready to connect to your robot to assist you with repairs and tune-ups

Simulation of standard measuring instruments

The robot can collect values from digital measuring instruments, augmented with extensions and emulate meters


Laser pointer
3-axis turns (360° view)
12'' touchscreen
30W stereo speakers
6 mic
AI powered
Computer vision
Front camera with zoom
160 touch/gesture points
Fully controlled remotely
Brightness adjustment
3+hr wireless mode
Advanced cloud features
Android OS based
Repairing is no longer a problem, it is your new hobby!
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