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Sunny is a new generation robot with artificial intelligence with the main purpose to help people with routine tasks. Sunny is perfectly capable of coping with the toughest tasks you give him. Just voice your request and Sunny will do his best to deal with it in a moment. If Sunny can’t manage on his own using the artificial intelligence, he will contact Sunny Band operators. Sunny Band experts will connect via Sunny and get full access to control the robot. The Sunny+expert tandem will create a variety of opportunities for using the robot.

Physical touch

Sunny is able to interact with the things around. He guides your actions (press the button, turn the knob, etc.) by indicating different objects with a laser pointer. With a little human help, Sunny can complete tasks in the immediate environment.

The device can respond to your speech, gestures, and touches. The surface of Sunny’s case is coated with a special substance that is pleasant to the touch and resembles velvety skin. What’s more, Sunny can feel your touch. It recognizes different types of touch, such as stroking, hitting, scratching and others.

Connects to everything

Sunny is able to connect and control any digital equipment. He can control devices over all wireless communication channels or connect via cables. Sunny provides a remote operator with the maximum of digital functions, such as the possibility to acquire a video signal and the function of controlling electronics by emulating a keyboard, mouse, flash-drive, CD-ROM and other devices, at the same time.

As a technical device, Robot Sunny is the central figure that bridges the gap between humans and electronics, creating a unique microcosm within your home.
AI autonomous operation
Performing with a remote companion

Intelligent robot Sunny is a middle-sized device that can take the rightful place on your desk, side-table or shelf. The compact size and optimum weight make it easy to move Sunny anywhere around the house, office or outdoors.

Sunny has the integrated power supply that allows him to operate autonomously for several hours. This makes it possible to use Sunny in difficult locations and to move it while operating. It is advisable to connect the robot to the electricity mains to ensure continuous work.

For efficient performance, Sunny is permanently connected to the data cloud via Wi-Fi or using a 4G\5G modem. The Sunny App on your smartphone gives you the possibility to connect and control your robot remotely.

Family robot

Bring a robot in your life

Sunny is a clever and emotional character. Neural network algorithms help Sunny understand the mood of the people around him by analyzing their faces, speech, gestures and interactions. Sunny character chooses an appropriate style of behaviour to suit the situation. Interact with Sunny as often as possible and the machine learning mechanisms will create a unique character, temperament and behaviour pattern to match your personality and mood. It’s up to you whether Sunny will become a melancholic interlocutor or a jolly fellow, the life and soul of your family. The events taking place around will give him a reason to initiate an interesting conversation, give out a joke in time, or initiate an activity. As a character, Sunny is good at implementing long-term algorithms, for instance, sticking to a particular method of children upbringing, development and education; supporting wellbeing of the elderly; interacting with pets.

Modular robot

Robot Sunny has a modular design. We offer special robot configuration sets for the most requested tasks. Also, you have the option of creating your own custom build of Sunny using additional modules from the following categories:

AI allows Sunny to “get acquainted” with the user’s domestic appliances and electronic devices. Sunny gets connected to them, customizes the settings and unites them into smart home system network. Sunny will remind the user of the necessary routine maintenance. Now your smart home is managed by Sunny’s AI.

Robot Sunny works on the Android operating system. In addition to the basic functions, he can use over a million useful and well-known apps from Google Play. Entertainment, multimedia and utility apps are always on, even in standby mode. Standard apps running with Robot Sunny get new advanced features, such as motion in three degrees of freedom (display tilt/swivel/flip), spatial motion, illumination, panoramic vision, 3D sound, communication with body modules, etc. Cloud servers help boost Sunny’s performance for resource-consuming apps.

Additional information

Weight7.5 lbs
Dimensions9.1 × 14.4 × 14.1 in

Coral, Cosmic ray, Evening Sun, Mint, Moon light, Northern Lights, White Sun, Wood



Water Resistance​



Android 10


Amlogic A311D 2.2GHz Quad core ARM Cortex-A73




4Gb DDR4


32Gb EMMC, 256Gb NAND Flash, 64Gb TF






10 / 100 / 1000 Mbps (WoL)


2 Channels Receiver and Transmitter


12'' Touch Screen, 1920×1080, OLED

Front camera

12 MP, 120° x 90°, Night Mode, Flashlight

Rotary Mechanism

3 axis, 360°, 145°, 180°

Laser pointer

5mW, 650nm (red)


6 mic, surrounded mode + leveling


2X 3W


7400 mAh

Wired Connectivity

USB 3.0, USB-out 2.0, USB-C, HDMI-in, HDMI-out 1.4, LAN


QC 3.0​

MAX Power​


Manufacturer Warrant

1 Year


Sunny Solutions Co

Country of Origin

United States of America

Sunny Robot

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Easy return

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Warranty Support

The device is under warranty. If a breakdown occurs, you will be provided with free diagnostics and repair.

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