Sunny Comic Book

The fascinating story of the robot Sunny. The comic shows what incredible capabilities the robot has. Experience new feelings with the Sunny family.

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Sunny meets the family

Robot Sunny can appear in every family, you just have to want it. Discover incredible opportunities with the Sunny family.

Sunny in touch with home

Sunny robot allows you to be in touch with the home and control children

Sunny teaches you how to cook

Cooking is your base skill. Have you thought to cook something new? With Sunny, you can go to a chef anywhere in the world. You can cook sushi, pizza or curry as the best local chefs cook it.

House cleaning with robot Sunny

If you do not like to clean up the house, then cleaning with a robot will be a real adventure. Sunny turns a boring routine into an exciting game.

Remote control with Sunny

Remote control with the Sunny robot is a convenient way to always be in touch. The mobile application allows you to quickly establish contact with the robot

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