Superhero robot for kids



Smart robot assistant helps you manage your child's schedule, motivates in growth and learning, disciplines, distracts your child by turning on a game or cartoon. Help you monitor your child's environment.

Become a great parent with the Sunny Robot


saying that parenting is harder than they thought and are looking for tools to make it easier to cope with their kids


are looking for time for themselves to take a rest from being parents.


are concerned that their children are experiencing anxiety or depression and are looking for ways to help their child cope


of mothers depend on the approval of relatives and community and seek the best for their children

*80% of respondents consider parenthood an important part of their life. According to Parenting in America Today’s January 2023 report PEW RESEARCH CENTER’S 


The robot sunny helps you!

Take care of the child's physical and emotional health​

To grow a child's talents and shape potential

Helping your child keep a schedule and make time for all activities

Creating a cozy home and cooking yummy

Nurturing the child's moral character

Chasing monsters out from under the bed and being by their side when the child is scared

To have a supervision skills and quick reactions

To answer a thousand questions​

Discover your superparetn’s FEATURES with Sunny

Companion and team-mate​

Sunny becomes a friend and assistant for you and your child in the daily routines

Communication with family and friends

Telepresence communication

Turns head and body if you move around while call

Simple and fast connection

The heat of fellowship even at a far away

– Sunny, call Amy and Uncle Jim!

Education and skills development

Sunny’s AI will help the child with educational tasks. In difficult situations, Sunny can connect a Sunny Band operator who will help solve the task.

Remote education will become more interesting and interactive with Sunny.

A lot of educational games will be available together with Sunny and android apps.

Sunny’s funny mascot will remind and motivate the child for education and development.

Sunny will train to be disciplined and responsible

Kids often forget about the important details they need to do. Sunny will help them to do everything on time and remind them what they need to take to school or on the move.

It's time to go for a walk with the dog

Call Grandma, it's her birthday today

It's time for a morning workout

Pick out a birthday gift for a friend

Safety and supervision

When a child stays with a babysitter or alone, you may worry about the safety.  Sunny will allow you to worry less and be more confident in your child’s safety.

Give Sunny a hug

The robot Sunny will be the best friend for your child

Ai robot for great parents

Artificial intelligence takes care of your child's proper education. It is designed to develop the general skills of children from 3 to 12 y.o.

Emotional support

Robot Sunny will bring your child a lot of positive emotions. The robot will detect and notify parents if it recognizes your child’s anxiety or upset. Children love to play with robot Sunny

Fun & Growth & Motivation

The funny character Sunny will motivate your child to learn and develop. He will turn on an educational game, remind them to exercise or take their mind off gadgets and go for a walk with the dog.

Schedule assistance

It’s easier for you to keep track of your child’s schedule. Sunny will keep track of your child’s schedule. A regular schedule disciplines your child and promotes proper development.

Safety monitoring

You can be aware of what is happening with your child, even if you are not nearby.
Sunny will send you an emerging message or call if you suspect danger or an abnormal situation.

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