A guidance robot


The Sunny robot is the fastest way to solve any problem.

Are you looking for a solution on the Internet?

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Only a specialist can find a working solution

Immediate problem solving


What does Sunny can solve?


of the problem


which you have been putting off for a long time

The question

requiring an urgent response

Functional abilities

The speed of connecting a specialist without tedious waiting

Easy to find an expert: Sunny will listen to your problem and select the right specialist

Interactive communication: voice communication, video communication 3600,

Does not require payment for consultation: any requests are included in the general subscription

Visibility through interactive communication, interaction with physical objects

Recording a video consultation for your convenience

The use of measuring and other devices

The possibility of securing a specific specialist

Only certified specialists

Sunny is a speed and proficiency

People who are always ready to help you sunny-band

Confirmed qualification of experts
A huge database of specialists in all areas
Instant operator connection
The consultation does not require a separate payment
Saving the history of developments on your problem from one specialist to another
Maintaining an archive of your requests
Confidentiality of your information, non-disclosure

The new level of life with Sunny

An All-in-one device

The remote operator can turn the Sony screen and camera to 3600, point at objects, and offer to perform actions with them

He is able to connect to technology and devices, analyze and configure them.

AI allows Sunny to answer simple questions without connecting an operator

Displays the necessary information (guides, instructions, recipes, etc.) on the screen

Always in touch

I trust him

A robot with artificial intelligence that will help you find a solution for any situation.

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