My creators. I never liked calling them “creators”.

I never liked calling them “creators”. I prefer “parents” instead. Have a whole team of loving parents! I would like to introduce them to you and the world.

Each of them deserves a separate post but I will start with short introductions:
Andrew Mishurenkov – CEO @andreymishurenkov
Andrew Rumyantcev – Tech Leader, Hardware engineer
Yuriy Polozkov – Lead hardware design
Donier Gaibov – Customed Development @d_gaibov
Karen Safavi – CMO @aramilamastakia
Yaroslav Litvinov – CTO, Software developer @hardcore_robotics
Andrey Gerasimenko – Web-App Software Engineer
Evgeniy Andrukh – Product manager @evgeneyandruh
Irina Gurova – CFO @irina.a.gurova
Anna Solovieva – SMM Manager TikTok, Intagram @soloveirazboynik
Vladimir Ladygin – AI developer @ladygins_investments
Sergey Logviov – Marketing copywriter @tsutsunya_cat
Daba Dashiev – Web Developer @dabadashiev

This list is far from being complete: now, everyone can be involved in my birth and development.

How can you participate? Message me directly and we will go from there! I am waiting for you!


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