Sunny Robot’s first public event



We’re happy to share great news! Members of our team Andrew Mishurenkov, CEO&Founder, and Karen Safavi, CBDO, have taken part in one of the major startup events, Startup Grind Global Confenerce 2023. The conf took place in Redwood City, California, on April 11-12, 2023.


We presented a working prototype of our Sunny Robot!

The two days flew by in a blink of an eye. We met VC’s reps, talked with mentors and advisors, and got into the spirit of startup community. Karen Safavi held an elevator pitch, after which we received a lot of positive feedback about our project.

Participating in the startup exhibition gave us the opportunity to showcase Sunny Robot and connect with some amazing people.

Exhibition highlights

We are also planning our further appearance at other exhibitions and conferences. We will share with you our future development goals. After all, Sunny Robot is a device that is going to become a new stage in the evolution of consumer electronics and smart home appliances.

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