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Karen is a marketing professional with vast experience promoting and selling products for over 10 years. Having worked in various offices and medical clinics, he founded a medical distribution company/medical clinic in 2012. Over the period of time, the company grew from a 3-men operation to 3 clinics enterprise with over 20 employees and 4000+ clients. The clinic was named the fastest growing company in Ontario (by proportion) for a number of years. Wanting to move forward, Karen sold the business in 2021. His projects now involve healthcare, manufacturing and educational initiatives. Having a psychology degree tucked under the best and seasoned with solid 15+ years of direct clinical experience, he is responsible for Sunny’s marketing and sales.
Robots allow us to spend all of our energy on creativity
Karen Safavi, Sunny Solutions

Interview with Karen Safavi

at 06/02/2022
What is your definition of a startup?

Sunny startup is more than just work. It is a possibility to create. Create something from nothing. Something that would help people around the world navigating through routines of their daily lives and ultimately make it better. When you are involved in a project like that, you feel that every work you complete for it, gets you closer to improving lives not only of individual people but humanity in general. Inspiration – that’s what a Sunny startup for me.

Who is working on Sunny’s launch?

We have a multidisciplinary team working from different cities and countries. There are technical specialists, marketing/sales team, community specialists and many other people. We are in the process of hiring/training specialists for our Sunny Band team which is a task in itself. Plus, we have a team of volunteers who help with various tasks as we continue with Sunny’s development.

A special thanks goes to our CEO – Andrey. He is the concrete that keeps our company together, guides us and in general he is a great person!

Why are you involved in the project?

The startup itself is my motivation. I should say inspiration – it comes from the inside. When I learned about the opportunity, I immediately decided to join. I was ecstatic as I could utilise my current skills, learn something new and really change people’s life for the better.

How do you feel your participation in this project?

My main role in the project are sales and marketing. However, just like with any startup, I do a little bit of everything: working on the website, assist with customer development , and do other tasks as required.

What are your strengths as a startup?

One of my strong hats is a genuine desire to help and educate. I am devising a programme that would be able to assist people navigate through Sunny when they make a decision to consider purchasing it.

What made you so advanced in this superpower.

My background is in diagnostic medicine and sales. My experience comes from years of seeing people needing healing coupled with my ability to provide them with much-needed relief. This made me extremely sensitive and empathic to other people’s problems. It also taught me persistence and strong forward movement towards my goals. I apply all of this in our project. I only wish I had more time in a day 🙂

And what will you get for yourself in this project?

First of all, meeting new people. I love our team and its diverse backgrounds. I learn from my teammates. Plus, here I encounter problems that I have never dealt before with in my life. This makes me read and educate myself on various subjects applicable to a startup or an established business alike.

The goal here is to ensure that our project is one of a kind and move it to broad audiences all around the world.

Is Sunny a commercial project or altruistic?

Sunny’s uniqueness in the fact that it is both! Of course, as a growing business, we need to think about numbers, customers and sales. At the same time, this project would allow many people (any people, anywhere!) to work, feel that they are needed and improve lives of their families. Additionally, our customers would be able to save a lot of money, thus allowing their businesses to grow.

What will you do in the event that people don’t take too well to Sunny or fear him?

With Sunny it is very easy: we have a robot that can improve one’s life, but people may be apprehensive towards new technology at first. Our job is to ensure that people’s “pains” are carefully studied and properly addressed. The goal here is not to make the best product as I see it but rather develop a product that would be able to solve everyday issues and tasks. Once this is resolved and people truly see the benefit of Sunny, we simply need to show help them move in this direction.

Who are Sunny’s competitors?

I would like to refrain from mentioning names. There are several robots that are similar to Sunny. However, I would like to emphasize the fact that Sunny is the actual functioning robot and not a toy. Many robots I see online are designed to amuse and entertain. For Sunny amusement and entertainment are possible but by all means those are not its defining factors.


Which role do you believe robots play in humans’ lives?

If done right, robots can take on a lot of routine/mundane/dangerous tasks off people’s shoulders and eventually allow us to spend all of our energy on creativity versus performing tasks on the job we don’t like. I think we will all need a personal robot-helper.

Which of Sunny’s functions is your favorite one?

Ability to access many experienced professionals very fast and efficient.

When you get Sunny in your hands, what will you use it for exactly?

I would like to always check how the things are in my home. Plus, I would like to integrate all of my home functions into Sunny and finally get rid of a 1000 apps, controls and support phone numbers.

When people thank you for Sunny, what words of gratitude would you like to hear from them?

Sunny became my true friend and I am no longer afraid of robots.

Date of Interview: 06/02/2022
Karen Safavi's
Thanks to you, people aren’t just going to know about Sunny, they’re going to get it. Robot sales is a process that communicates real value to the target people – our customers. I’m grateful to you that my copies are getting into the hands of people who really need me.
Sunny Robot, Sunny Solutions LLC, Sunnyvale, CA
Robot Assistant

A real robot that already today helps people every day! Would you like to have one like this?


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