Sunny the Robot is in TikTok!

Knock-knock! Sunny the Robot is in TikTok! Getting to know the features of the best robot for home and family has become bright and colorful. Now he has been taken into the family where he easily tackles any task, so do not miss these episodes!


Sunny Robot marketing team


And before you go to Sunny’s TikTok page, check out some of our news:

  • We have conducted a round of discussions with market valuation experts, which resulted in a change in our business model
  • We have approved CAPEX/OPEX for the next 4 years of the project development
  • We have received high appraisal of our financial strategy from an economic modeling expert
  • Sunny the Robot costs $1487 which validates the convergence of unit economics
  • We have got an offer from a private investor in Singapore. It’s great to know that the whole world is waiting for Sunny
  • We have researched the market for remote support and repair services in the USA; it will be $1.4T by 2026. This is a potential market for us.
  • The estimated cost of a subscription to cloud services and support will be $50 per month
  • We have redesigned most of the electronics and prepared a set of documents for planned production
  • We have made adjustments to Lean Canvas to comply with Business Canvas
  • We have started working on a proposal to use Sunny in Retirement homes

Full-scale production of Sunny robots is being prepared. We are choosing the best and most reliable partners, the ones with whom we will go further. We welcome your recommendations for trusted manufacturers of consumer electronics. The sales of the robot will start soon in our online store at .

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