Sunny Robot 2022 results

The year 2022 is coming to its end. It’s time to sum up and review the work we’ve done, and also to look ahead and set goals for 2023!


We’ve been sticking to our prescheduled plan, but new ideas for improving Sunny’s functionality have not been ignored. We’ve been analyzing the market, doing business planning, and consulting with cool experts on market valuation and economic modelling. We’ve made a video about Sunny (by the way, you can watch it here) and drawn a series of comics, done a series of custdev research and finalized our website, launched the shop and made a website for Sunny Band team

Greetings to everyone!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the Sunny Robot project. In 2023, we will definitely see a real breakthrough!

Andrew Mishurenkov, CEO and founder of Sunny Solutions

We have analyzed what the past year has been like for us and summarized our key achievements:

Technologies and production:
  • In 2022, Sunny has grown from an “idea-level” robot to the device with tangible plastic forms and high-tech internal world. And Sunny’s shell will also come in four fantastic colors.

  • The memory system developed has brought the Sunny robot up another level in terms of artificial intelligence as it can now collect information, analyze it and produce the result necessary for a particular situation without further ado.

  • Sunny’s body has 108 points of tactility that allow the robot to feel when it has been stroked or patted on the shoulder. This makes interaction with the robot warmer and more emotional.

  • First trials of interaction with Sunny Band employees via the Sunny robot have confirmed that the user can successfully repair appliances or computers with the help of a Sunny Band expert and the robot’s equipment.

Economics and marketing:
  • Our team have conducted a series of custdev research on user cases with Sunny, including those where Sunny acts as a smart home center, elderly assistant, handyman, secretarial assistant, nanny’s second-in-command, parental control, butler and even hotel receptionist.

  • We have done business planning, evaluation of the target market and calculation of unit economics. We have prepared materials for pitch presentations and meetings with investors.

  • We have created a business model for Sunny Band, calculated unit economics and monthly subscription costs, determined the staff composition of Sunny Band companions, written job descriptions, and formed corporate culture standards.

  • Sunny is now a social media user. There he talks about everything that is going on in his life. Check out his TwitterTikTok, and Instagram pages.

We are approaching the end of 2022 with a working prototype of our Sunny robot. We have conducted research and confirmed user demand for our product. We have selected partners for mass production and are ready to start. For this, we need investment, and we are already looking for our ideal investor to help our project develop and enter the market. And this becomes our main goal for 2023!

One of the promising development areas for the Sunny robot is teamwork, assisting employees in high-tech filed and top managers. Setting people free from boring routines, giving them extra time for self-development and spending time with their families, helping them to focus the energy on core tasks and pressing problems, organizing and planning their work and even vacations – a robot of a new generation can do it all, and his name is Sunny.

See you in 2023!

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