Robot is ready to say “Hello, world!”

We spent a long time now on a project to create the first truly handy, everyday robot assistant Sunny. As of today, we’ve now held 274 team meetings, accumulating a total of over 600 hours of team collaboration and several thousand hours of individual work. That has amounted to128 GB of video on Zoom; almost 700 tasks on Jira; 100,000 words of project documentation; and over 50,000 lines of code.
Dozens of experiments, hundreds of hypotheses, and mountains of modified details have led to us producing 14 gadget concepts which today has an index of 0.7.3. The prototype has featured four different assembled versions. Our accomplishments thus far are a result of the activities of over forty like-minded thinkers. We have dubbed ourselves “the Sunny Family,” and our little boy is ready to say, “Hello, world!”
We will tell you about how things are moving along from time to time. You will always be updated on all the changes, achievements, and new developments within the Sunny Family. We want you all to experience this wonderful time that the remarkable robot was born along with us! Because very soon, he will not only delight us but will be a treasure for you as well!
Today, we would like to summarize a few general details:
  • The concept of a full-fledged robot assistant has been created in the form of a robot
  • The first pilot samples are working 24/7
  • Experimental production is continuing and sophisticated samples are being assembled
  • Sunny the character is reminiscent of a real live person, complete with his own tendencies, personality, and his own family
Follow us as we release updates and be among the first to let the robot into your life. Talk to you soon!

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