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It is possible to create a device that is convenient for each person only together with all people.

Andrew Mishurenkov | CEO
Andrew Mishurenkov


13 years in IT, 2 startups, 4 Businesess, Several words about rhe person, which can a characterized team member



These people create the most important thing – they provide assistance to users through a robot.
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We are passionate about the opportunity

From the moment our idea was born, we improve it day by day. We are passionate about the opportunity of creating what almost every person on earth dreams of. We are so eager to create a device that is helpful that we often forget about food and sleep. With each new iteration, there is more and more meaning in what we are doing. We hear the reflection of our idea in the voices of the first users.

Of course, we are in difficulties, problems, criticism, but our belief in success is unshakable. We believe that contribute to our efforts, the modern world will change and become more comfortable for humans. Today we create something that tomorrow will allow you not to think about routine tasks. Spend your saved time to the most important thing – on life, on love and on even greater progress.

Join us

Join our team to design together with the best and most progressive gadget that will open up new horizons for people today. You will definitely fall in love with all our teammates because we are like one family, Sunny family!

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Mentors & Advisors

Val Jerdes
General partner at Inno8 Global
A Stanford graduate who worked for Apple early in his career. Vel helps startups around the world find the right path to become multimillion-dollar companies. Co-founder of Inno8 Global Advisory, a venture capital fund based in Silicon Valley. He also founded the Yellow Door startup accelerator, where he is the leading speaker of the investment development program.
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Max Antonenko
CTO at ANT Robotics and CEO at NoXA Data Lab

Inventor of industrial robots, robotic systems for organizing warehouses and production conveyors. Doctor of Science in Applied Mathematics and Physics. He has vast expertise in robotics, from task planning stages to robot commissioning.


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Social relevance

The Sunny Project is able to provide social significance much more than it might seem at first glance. We make effot to help people who need good advice, a strong hand, but cannot get it, yet. As it turns out, more than half of the world’s population does not have access to proper education and affordable assistance, which they need here and now.

Sunny is the bridge between people and technology. Too many people do not use the available devices because they do not know how. Sunny will reduce the barrier of misunderstanding between humans and machines.

Some people are limited in their choice of work, with Sunny – they will have great opportunity to do what they can. People is ready to help other people. We do the robot for their closest contact.

Help our development so that we can do useful things sooner and more. Support us by pre-ordering, making a donation, or offering your competent help. We promise that it will not be in vain!

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