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Creating an innovative gadget is a very difficult challenge. Only people with extraordinary thinking and incredible strength of mind can beat this challenge. The creation process is a journey of attempts, mistakes, new hypotheses, and experiments. Only heroes are capable of solving the problem and building the world’s first useful robot. At Sunny Solutions, dozens of heroes are already at their best. Sunny Family, it’s a union of people, where creativity becomes talent, where ideas come to life, where miracles appear in this world. When you become part of our team, you will experience an extraordinary feeling of team support and be able to make the best contribution in your life. It’s something you should really try.

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We are very pleased that you are the one who wants to become the contributor to the Sunny robot. Thank you for taking this first step with us. We will be very happy to continue working with you if you have completed the application.
Unfortunately, we are not always able to respond to applications. This may be due to various circumstances. Our security service ensures that all information about the development process is not compromised. We strive to do an open business, but at the same time, we are concerned about the protection of our customers’ data.
If we have not responded to your application within 14 days, then you can write a request to
See you soon in the Sunny family!


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