Well, someone was finally being able to set up all of my electronics!

Smart robot for smart home

There are a lot of electronics in your house that are not connected to each other.

A lot of applications to manage them. There is no universal application.

Worried about your home when you're away?

tamed devices

Electronic PET (e-pet)

Household appliances, multimedia and other devices that can operate remotely will be united in a whole smart home system, which is controlled by the robot Sunny according to your command or schedule.

Sunny robot will make your home really smart as a whole system

Setup all the equipment himself

Keeps home safe

Reduce the budget for repairing equipment

Connects the master remotely

Oversees maintenance of equipment

Helps repair electronics

Sunny is an innovative gadget, which is created by the hands high-class specialists based on life experience

Voice or gesture control
Always available, even remotely
Multimedia and entertainment for the whole family
Multimedia and entertainment for the whole family

Bonus with each Sunny

20 HelpCredits

Free delivery

1 year support

Easy return

Compatible with modules

Give pleasure
to your home

Tame your gadgets to work properly with robot Sunny

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