Ready, Set, GO!

And just like that, the pilot testing of the robots has lifted off! We are now actively looking for people willing to become experimenters on Sunny the Robot’s features! The first people that respond to our request will be able to get a hold of the robot by the end of this month. Our operators are already awaiting the first users whose lives will be lit up by the rays of Sunny’s kind delights. Apply to join in on the testing on our website at

Open testing is a major source of our pride and we are ready to pop open the champagne. But before we do that, there are some more milestones our team has hit that we would like to tell you about:

· We have beefed up our sales and programming departments. New team members have come in with their own individual strengths and faith in our success!

· We have begun assembling the next version of the 0.7.5 prototype. It will feature a more reliable design, sole some lighting problems will be solved, and the connection system will also be enhanced. The result of these improvements will be a beta version. What this means is we will only be one step away from the fully functioning release.

· A pricing system has been created for Sunny Band operators services. Now operator assistance is included in the cost of the subscription and it won’t incur an extra charge.

· A list of services has been created that the operators will provide via the robot.

· The research department is conducting series of interviews among JBTD technology respondents.

· As a result of the toilsome work of our professionals, we have identified that the key operation areas of our robot should be robot assistant and robot master. As of today, this is the specific idea we will concentrate on.

· We have done a reevaluation of the target market. Now we are even more confident that we will claim a decent share of the market segment.

· We have started devoting more attention to strategic business planning calculations (Business Canvas, PNL, Unit-economics, and a range of other vital project calculations).

· We regularly conduct test and control meetings with analysts and experts. Our goal is to build a business on the rise!

These weeks will prove pivotal for us. Many of our long-term objectives that we have worked on have already been resolved and have yielded results. Our next goal is to design a strategy for the next operational stage. You will find out about that from us very soon.

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