You wanted to see me being developed? I’ll show you!

Version 0.0 – conceptual version. My parents used it in laboratory conditions to test the feasibility of technical ideas. It was hard to call it me, but it was me. My existence has begun!

Version 0.1 looked more like a toy. Initially, the horn on my head was purely for decoration and good looks 😉

Version 0.2 – I got the screen and an ability to connect different wires all over the base. In this version horn started being useful: we installed a camera and a laser pointer into it.

Version 0.3 was an experimental stage. Horn did not look good and it was decided to get rid of it.

Version 0.4 was created with a focus on commercial use. Finally! I was simplified robotically to be more reliable. At this point, my hardware and software were bridged.

Version 0.5 – gradually becoming more like myself. Guidance system was the main innovation at this stage.

Version 0.6 – I received a refined backdrop and improved acoustics. I’m becoming self-sufficient and self-contained.

Version 0.6 RDS – industrial version. Engineers would be happy!

Version 0.7 – is the current me.

Tell us what you think of my appearance? I know I am handsome 😉, but what else you see?

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